Here on my Resources page, you’ll find some interesting information on the subjects of hypnosis, psychology, the human body and human behaviour.

I’m very aware that internet is chock-full of information on every subject imaginable, and that it’s possible to find thousands of various results just by clicking a few buttons. My goal here is not to confuse you by adding more random articles that you can find online, but to help you to understand yourself. I write each post to answer a specific question, or to explain some hypnotic or psychological phenomena.

Enjoy your reading, and I hope you feel enlightened and informed by some of the posts I’ve crafted for this page.

Where did the word “Stress” come from?

We all seem to use word “stress” quite frequently these days, and it’s become quite a common word in books and articles about psychology and mental wellbeing. Stress, as a concept, appears to have found its way into our lives, and it doesn’t seem to feel like leaving...

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